Reconstruction of Local Sites Pardubice - Železničího pluku


Location: Pardubice
When: 2020 / 2020

Reconstruction of current low-pressure steel gas pipeline DN 100 in the Železničního pluku Street in Pardubice.

During the construction:

A new high-pressure PE gas pipeline DN 110 in total length cca 51.0 m will start at the connection with the new part of low-pressure PE gas pipeline DN 16% (total length 8.0 m) in the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the courtyard in the Železničního pluku street. The pipeline will continue along the existing route towards the block no. 1633, where it will be connected to the current low-pressure PE gas pipeline dn 90. Through the basement passage under the entrance a steel pipeline DN 100 (108 x 5,0) will be conducted, polyethylene isolation, increased thicknes PE N-v according to DIN 30670 (7,0 m)

The construction will include the maintenance of 4 pcs of domestic gas pipeline connectors.

Full price excluding VET 1.679.000,- Kč