Family Day 2023

The beginning of the school year on September 1st, 2023, was made enjoyable for the employees of GASCO s.r.o., GASCOTECH s.r.o., and their families with the 3rd annual traditional gathering - Gasco Family Day. And not just for them, as we have grown, and employees from our new sister company, Profistav Litomyšl, were also invited.

Once again, we gathered at the music club "Žlutý pes" in Pardubice-Cihelna. We had our favorite Pavel Cejnar as the host. Children had a blast on the slides, bouncy castles, competed in various outdoor and indoor games, danced, and played with clown Ferda and Mimon. There were also competitive activities for adults. The Bike trial show in the accompanying program left us breathless at times. We admired the skills and coordination of the Flying boys.

The weather was in our favor, the catering was excellent as always, in short, it couldn't have been better!